Friday, March 21, 2008

4 Days!

Yay!! I love work, but I also love having a break :) I can do heapsa training! And why is it that tha majority of people look at me like I'm a fruitcake when I do say that's all I have planned for the long weekend?! That's how I like to relax, not gorge myself on chocolate and vino!!! (although, that has been known to happen ;) )
I woke at 4.30am (maybe that part is worth the fruitcake look) to get out and about for a long run. 1hour and 30mins later I was done. I had a look at the run calendar, and realised our local half marathon is 1st June... and now it's end of March... so I better get moving on the longer distances! My legs are pretty tired now, but nothing that a good sleep tonite won't fix.
I also completed another of this weekend's goals - to clean and vacuum the inside of my car. Mission accomplished! And when it's so nice and clean I always promise myself I'll do it more often. Yea... right.
Being Good Friday, I've had a noice seafood day. Crab for lunch with salad, and tonite all us kidlets are going to mum and dads for dinner - salmon cakes and prawns are on the menu I think. How spoilt is that? I'm just lucky that my lil bro went crabbing to get all the goodies, we never normally indulge that much on Good Friday! Mental note to avoid any chocolate that may be spotted lying around............


Kek said...

I get the fruitcake look too - what's up with that? It's great to be able to train without having to rush off somewhere.


Andj said...

I agree with Kek - this weekend is great because after I do my long run on Sunday (17km) I will really be able to have a proper rest day on Monday - rather than running around in and out of the treatment room at work all day. Ahh Bliss!

I love the girl's book where I got those quotes from - it is called Stronger, Smarter, Fitter, Faster by Melinda Banks - A really sensible motivational read!

Kristy said...

I get the strange look as well when I said I was training and relaxing. It is nice to train and then recover afterwards, without rushing to work.

Good luck on chocolate temptations... I'll be watching out too :)