Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A bad case of the..

Couldn't-Be's... Couldn't-Be-(insert word of choice) doing anything requiring effort. Yesterday was one of those days. The plan was 4 x 1km, 2 x 500m timed runs, and that just seemed too daunting. So after evil me and angelic me had our arguments, I compromised and went out for a 40min walk. Not even a run, a walk. I haven't walked in years, and it was a nice change in pace, no pun intended. Except I had too much time to think. Ideas came from all angles, I was getting so excited I had to tell my mother; she had that 'mmmm-hmmmm, yea-that'll-happen' kinda look on her face.
I went to bed exhausted last nite. So tired from all that thinking!! That'll be the last time I walk instead of doing my intervals!! There's no time to think with intervals!! ;)
And I'm thinking that's the last day I can use the excuse "oh but, I did a triathlon AND a 5km race on the weekend..."
The bad news is, that training session is now waiting for me tonight!

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Kek said...

Yeah, me too - walking and thinking go hand-in-hand. And, boy, the thoughts you have...