Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

It's here again! I've had a busy one already,up early for a cycle with dad. I'm on a 'rest' day for running, as I have a 5km Club Championship race tomorrow afternoon, in which I'm hoping to pull out a really good time. My coach was really happy with my splits on the Wednesday training run, and if I can pull something similar out of the hat tomorrow, I should be on my way to my fastest time in over a season. No pressure though!!!!!!!!!! That's when I crash and burn, I put so much pressure on myself, no one else does, that I get so worked up and nervous, then run like crap. Tomorrow I just have to ENJOY it!

It's our local council elections today, and one of my great friends, who is also a mentor and loyal client is running to be re-elected, so I've been helping her on her campaign. So after breakfast I was down there handing out fliers. You know those annoying people who try to hand you a kazillion sheets of paper as you're going in to vote, well that's what I did! LOL! And now as I know what it's like to be on the other side, I will always look at them and smile, and politely decline if I'm not interested. Honestly, there's some RUDE people out there. Where's the love these days!! And also, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!! I heard alot of very rude comments like "Well I won't be voting for her/him". Honestly, your vote doesn't faze me!

Anyway, enough politics :) Tonite I'm a footy widow. It's OHs first game tonite and he told me, (note I didn't say, asked me), that he was going out with boys for a piss-up after the game. I did a littly oh-poor-me-what-am-i-going-to-do tanty, only to get "Well babe, get used to it, it's footy season!". PUH! We'll see about that!!

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach for my belated birthday lunch with my 2 pregnant best friends and between them, their 3 little girls. Weather is just gorgeous at the moment, so it should be a nice day!!

Righto, I'm going out to enjoy it!!

Oh and look at that, OH is washing my car!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!! He hasn't washed my car in the 3 years we've been together!! Reckon he's feeling guilty?!? ;)


Hilary said...

Hello Miss Footy widow, hope you are enjoying your night! At least you got a clean car out of it! My OH went to bed at 9pm after a big day out fishing, so I'm hearing you!!

I always feel a bit sorry for the people handing out the 'how to vote' cards... I just try to avoid eye contact!

Have a lovely day at the beach.

Hilary xx

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