Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Of a sleep I had last nite. Last time I saw the clock it was 1.10am... Yay. It's not fun seeing the time that late if I'm not (a) intoxicated or (b) out acutally having fun. Many thoughts in my head were annyoing the **** out of me. My nite felt a bit like this...
GUILT - for eating that stoopid chocolate that was begging me to.
STRESS - all things work related. No further explanation required.
PANIC - How the hell am I going to fit in the training I didn't get to do today, along with all my other sessions this week.
WORRY - Now I'll be a grumpy bum at work all day due to not getting to bloody sleep!
That'll serve me right for eating the chocolate, and not training to plan... wired on sugar and not using excess energy up is a recipe for a sleeping disaster!
Today, I have a mammoth headache, and my eyes are puffy. I look damn attractive :)

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Kek said...

I've had a couple of nights like that lately. Hate it!

Sent your parcel yesterday. :o)