Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank Goodness

I survived the week relatively unscathed...
I had an absolute shocker. I now remember how important adequate sleep is in everyday life and decisions. I'd previously been a bad sleeper, but things have been really good for about a year or so - I think it's mainly as I know how to cope better with stress etc now. This week was a shocker though! Minimal sleep made for a grumpy girl, with massive SUGAR cravings. Oh my god, and of course, being so tired it was a "I don't give a shit" attitute to everything. So sugar I ate, or chocolate left-overs from easter, or whatever I could get my little hands on. I felt like I'd eaten a few kgs of it, until I actually wrote it all down in a food diary, and of course it wasn't that bad. Thank god my tolerance for that crap stuff is very low - I don't have to eat too much to get that ill feeling in the guts - due to being usually 'good' with that stuff. And then I was too tired to do my scheduled training...
I am happy to report that I had a 100% perfect day yesterday, even being a party pooper and declining at the last moment to go to a farewell dinner with OH, to avoid having to make a food choice. And the hassle of getting dressed up. I had a late nite anyway, then got the call at 1am for a pick-up. That is the worst job in the world. And of course "can you please drop home blah blah and blah blah too". Yea sure, just don't expect me to be polite, or hospitable... Just get in the car and shut up!
Because of the interrupted sleep, I still felt like I was hungover.... A shopping trip today that resulted in me buying more clothes that I'll hardly ever wear, does make me feel better though!! ;)

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Kek said...

Don't they have cabs in Mackay? LOL.

So what did you buy? Not workout clothes, I take it? Gee, I'm gonna miss the expo shopping this year.
:o( Lorna Jane may go broke without us.