Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oops, I did it Again ;)

I did another PB today. Yipee for me!!! Had another club championship race this morning at a national park, so it was a nice, rocky-road (mmm... who thought of chocolate then!!), hilly, green trail run. And unlike last year, it wasn't raining today :) I completed the 9kms in 45mins and 19 secs, which is 2 and a half minutes faster than my previous best on this particular course in 2006! I am stoked :) The hills are just sooo steep, no amount of hill training could prepare my heart and legs for that. My legs feel like balls of knots right now, right in my quads. I thought I would pass out at one point after getting to the top of the hill, I had hot and cold flushes and my heart was going insane. But I didn't die! And I didn't walk - at all :) I'm a very happy lil chappy!

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