Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Back

Doesn't it look pretty today!!! I had a massage session with a bit of cupping yesterday. I love cupping, so thought I'd show off the evidence, just like Hils did not long ago :)

They are darker than in the pic, the lighting just doesn't do it justice! ;) Now lets hope the scars go before the weekend, as I may not be allowed in the pool for the mini triathlon for fear of spreading some bizarre disease...


Kristy said...

Just a quick question what is cupping and do you notice anything afterwards? I think I have seen it on tv and sounds interesting. Does it hurt?

Lyndsay said...

Thats a co-incidence, Hunny and I were only talking about cupping today! I was telling him how I volunteered to have a newbie try it out on me - it HURT! She did two and I said a naughty word and wouldn't let her do anymore. Hee hee.

Kek said...

Nice taper there, girl! :o)

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday!!! Its not the shoes that made your feet hurt, its just getting old that does that!!

I cant agree with you on loving cupping though - I found it altogether a weird sensation! Hope the bruises disappear by the weekend!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Oh - get some of those party feet shoe insert thingies. I love nice shoes, but can never stand wearing them for long. Too much time spent in sports shoes, maybe?

Selina said...

Kristy - Its when little glass 'cups' are put over areas of extra tension and the air is sucked out of it to bring the toxins our. It's just like a hickie! I notice lumpy bits that she's struggling with, suddenly loosen nicely as it's being manipulated.
Lynsday - LoL! If they're sucked up too tight, yes it does hurt. I actually get itchy, go figure.
Kek - HA!! I wasn't even trying ;) I had no idea what I looked like from behind.
HIls - LoL, most prolly the oldness alright.
Kek - Party feet eh! I've seen them just didn't know what they were all about.... I'm soo not cool.

LizN said...

You've got a great back Selina :) We're all taking back happy snaps :)