Thursday, March 13, 2008

The results are in...

For the mini tri on the weekend, and I'm a happy little chappy!!
Of 58 competitors, my time put me in 18th position!!!!!! I'm stoked!!! Had I not gone off on a tangent and ran an extra 500-600m, based on the times, I predict I would have come in round about 10th or 11th. :)))) How exciting!!! I have lots to work on before next year's event - learning to listen to directions, and learning to swim with some form of techinque! The winner did it in 18mins, 32secs. How fast is that!!!!!

In training news, I did the afore mentioned dreaded 1km efforts last nite. (In case you're really interested ;) it was 4 x 1km with 1min 30sec standing rest between, 2 x 500m with 1 min standing rest) I blew myself away with my results! All my training is finally coming together. Instead of running for my life like each effort was my last, I tried to pace myself, which worked like a charm. Funny that! I didn't quite feel like throwing up after each effort, which made it heaps more enjoyable (funny that -again!). So me thinks that next time I have a scheduled training session like that, I'll want to do it, to compare times! I'm learning how my brain works!

The best part is, if I add all my times together, I would SMASH my PB over the 5kms! Yay for me, just need to work on stringing them altogether without hitting the wall :) Slowly but surely I'm getting there!! And I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


Lyndsay said...

I'm excited for you too!

Placing 18th is so good when you know you have a few areas you can improve on. And it was your first one too!

So, when's the next one?

Kek said...

Lookit you go! Aren't you a little dynamo?

Well done! :o)

Kelly & Kane said...

I just left a HUWGE comment and it's gone - poof - just like that!

How are you? It's been a while hey?

Congrats on the triathlon. It's a huge effort. I agree swimming is hard, I have an appointment next week at school to get the swimming coach to work out why I don't move fast enough - It's quite embarassing :)