Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It's one of those days when the legs are so sore! I trained them yesterday and after having 2 weeks off leg training (to rest for the tri and club championship race, of course!), I'm certainly paying for it. In a good way. My butt hurts to sit on the floor, and and I'm no state to be demonstrating leg exercises to clients. Although I have to still, but add "Just without that part, and make sure you don't do that". LOL!
I've come down off my Sunday nite high. It took me ages to go to sleep, I haven't been that pumped for a LONG time! It was better than all my birthdays and Christmases. I mean, my fastest time in THREE years. And I really really thought I was over the hill and my 'peak' days were behind me. If anyone ever doubts their own ability in whatever your chosen sport may be, never ever give up. If you want it bad enough and do the hard yards, you WILL get there!!
I'm so close to achieving another goal from my list posted up in January - which was to crack my PBs. I did note that the shorter distances might not be under threat, but wow, within 3 months, I certainly gave the 5km a shake-up!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and of course I overestimated OHs ability to wash my car the other day... When I peeked my head out he had started to hose it. But he suddenly appeared back inside the next minute... "It was too hot, and I didn't want to get burnt"...

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Hilary said...

So you're saying to your clients "Just do it like, this, but without screaming like me" - your poor legs! Hope they feel better soon!

Hilary xx

PS I'm glad you've discovered that you're not 'over the hill'! LOL!