Tuesday, March 04, 2008

High Heels a Health Hazard??

Well for me I think they are! I'm only in flat comfy blacks for work, or trainers for everything else!! I picked up some cute heels in Brisbane and they are sooo comfy on. Thank god the big cities actually stock my size! I can't get anything in a size 5 here, so whenever I'm in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane it's not unusual for me to take home a few shoe boxes!

Anyway I wore the heels out on Saturday nite - I went out with my sis and a few friends I haven't caught up with in years to have a few birthday drinks. It was only 8 hours I would have been in them, alot of that time sitting down. Well the next day I felt like I'd done a massive leg work-out! My quaddies were aching! But worst were my feet. Yeeeouch! The balls of them felt bruised, and still today my right one is a bit tingly and hurts to crouch on it. I swear I've pulled some lil muscles in there or something! And in case anyone asks - no, it definitely wasn't from doing any fancy moves on the dancefloor! :) The things we girl put ourselves through...

Here's a pic from the nite, with the offenders ;)

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linda said...

You look so gorgeously 'glam'!! I'm sure it was worth the after pain. I also only ever seem to wear runners. Getting a recent new job required me to get new shoes. Nothing too fancy-flattish but with slightly squashed toes- yeowch!!! by the end of the morning I was hobbling!! and I didn't look anything as glamorous as you.