Saturday, March 08, 2008

Only one more sleep!!

The long-awaited mini triathlon is on tomorrow morning. Bring it on!! I am looking forward to giving it a good shot. I cannot wait to get the swim over and done with, I am absolutely petrified of doing those laps. This past week in training, I've gotten to about 70mtrs before I've had a breathing fit. I'm really struggling with it!! I'm fine if I've done 100s of metres warm-up with fins, but get me straight in without them and I'm a lost cause! Just can't seem to get into a rhythm. What's making me even more anxious is the fact that I've got some clients coming down to watch... ARGH!!! When I say I cannot swim, I'm not being modest or down-playing my ability, I seriously cannot co-ordinate it all!!! I'll be so embarassed. I hope they realise their trainer is only human too ;) Bring on the bike and the run - I love my comfort zone ;)

I'm not going into this in the best shape though... My foot dramas aren't over yet! My Massage Therapist thinks I've pulled the tendons in my foot! LOL! How funny is that for a nite of wearing high-heels! It's obviously not real bad, it just aches after being on it for a while. At least the run is only short tomorrow, it'll be over in a flash. Just gotta suck it up till then.

And mysteriously this morning I've woken up with a stiff neck. Can't turn it to the right side - OUCH! It's gotta be from my swim yesterday - I must have been trying too hard. That's gonna be fun tomorrow if I can't move it much still! I honestly think I'll be faster deep-water running it than actually swimming!!

Now there's a thought...

Everyone have an awesome weekend!! I hope to catch up on blogs tomorrow when I won't be capable of much else ;)

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Lyndsay said...

Good Luck girl! Hope you have lots of fun. I want to hear all about it when you get home!!