Sunday, April 20, 2008

The 10km Race Results are in....

+ a nice little surprise!

Before the run we get our directions and any notices etc etc etc. The monthly medal is also awarded. And I WON IT FOR MARCH!!!! It's for who gets the most points in races for the month, based on the handicap format. Only the 'fast' and 'good' runners usually get it, but I GOT IT!!! I totally didn't expect it so I was SOOO happy.

The race begun. I didn't quite feel I was in a good rhythm, until the 5km mark, it all just felt right, and the clock said I was doing pretty alright too! I sprinted over the finish line to clock in
47mins 52 secs
I was over the moon (again!!). Coach said to aim for either side of 49mins after last weeks efforts - and I knew I could do that. But to go sub 48mins is just AWESOME!!! NEW PB FOR ME!!! By about 2 and a quarter minutes. I am just so unbelievably happy at how I'm running this year. The good thing is, I can only get better as I've only been training with him for 5 months!!! After 3 years of doing so-so, why did I wait so damn long!! Foot's a bit sore, but.. whatever :P
I'm a happy chappy!!!!!!!! Next stop is... oh crap, 28kms in May. Yes, well, we'll see if I even get to the finish line in that one :)


Kristy said...

Congratulations Selina on a great time :)

Lyndsay said...

Yaaaaaaay! Congats girl!!

PB - Wooooo Hoooo!

And you got the award too! You can count yourself up there with the 'fast' and 'good' runners. Don't you forget that!

Kek said...

Nice time! Well done.

Congrats on the medal - it's always good to have something shiny to wear. :o)

Lyndsay said...

TAG - your turn... hee hee hee!

(see my post for the details)

Kristy said...

Hey Selina I just worked out your pace and boy thats fast. That was 4.7 minutes per km (i think). I can only hope some day I can run that fast. Congrats again :)

Andj said...

Hi Selina
Great job on the event. I thought I left a comment already but it isn't here so maybe something happened to it.
Saturday the 17th - I am definitely on for 15km in the morning with you. I'll have to plot a course.