Friday, April 25, 2008


Here's my sister and I (on right) with our Grandpa in 1990 after marching on Anzac Day. Grandpa was a WWII veteran, and every year he and his mate from the war, Louie, marched together. Grandpa had a second set of medals that either me and my sister wore in the march. We took it in turns as we always fought over them :) We were so proud to show them off. Grandpa died in 1994, and took to the grave many untold war stories. My mum said he never spoke about it. All we ever knew was he witnessed one of his best mates being killed by a Japanese sniper by a hand grenade whom they didn't see above them in a tree. We could all understand why he never spoke of it. A few years later Louie passed on as well.
I went to the Anzac March today, as a sign of respect for Grandpa and all the Servicemen that were sent to war. It was really special seeing the old men from various conflicts marching along - all of them so proud. May the ones who didn't return, continue to Rest In Peace.


Amy said...

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Cherub said...

My grandad would never talk about the war either. As kids we would ask him to, usually encouraged by our school teachers to "learn before they passed on".

It's only recently that I understand why he didn't want to.

To the day he died though he still told the time in the 24 hour clock ie 15 hundred hours. As a child, I thought that was funny.

Carolyn said...

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