Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Runners World website has a calculator with some fancy formula to predict finish times for certain races. So of course I had to have a play. Based on a 10 kilometers race at 00:47:52, my projected finish times for the following distances should be: (but remember that 10km on the weekend was a gut-busting, near death experience...)

the mile(1.6k) 6:54
3000m(3k) 13:22
5000m(5k) 22:58
a half marathon 1:45:36
a marathon 3:40:10

Interesting.... It's a dream to run a half in that time (my goal in June is sub 1.55!), but PHWOA look at my marathon time! Gee I'm good ;) LOL! Our local magic mile and the 3km run is towards the end of the year - so now I have a goal, it will be interesting to see how the predictions go!

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