Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was on a business visit to a Naturopath and she did a Metagenics Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis. (taken straight from brochure.) I've never seen or done anything like this so it was interesting to see the results.
She measured me at 158cm (puh! I always say I'm 162cm). My wrist was also measured to give a frame size - 13cm around.
So after being hooked up to the machine, this data spat out...

Body Composition
My ideal weight is : 51.6kgs
My actual is: 52.5kgs. I'm overweight!!!!!!!! LOL
Frame size: small. no surprises there.

Fat Mass
Ideal: 12.69kgs
Actual: 13.93kgs ahhh, I really am!!! But this is where it gets funky...
% of total weight: 24.17% OMG, that's the highest reading I've ever had, DO NOT LIKE this machine!
% of Ideal Fat Mass: 91.08%
Difference from ideal :-1.24, which means I'm 'underfat'.
So totally contradictory readings there...

Active Tissue Mass (muscle)
Ideal ATM (kgs): 20.12
Actual ATM: 20.67 yipee, something works in my favour!
% of total weight: 39.37
% of ideal ATM: 102.72 :)

It also spat out some other pretty little graphs with hydration levels and other 'Optimal Health Indicators'.
It was interesting to see what it read - the body fat was the surprising reading, from all other scales/machines I use, I never read over 20%. So what is more accurate? I really don't care, as long as; if I'm trying to lose BF and all scales say I'm dropping, I must be doing the right thing!
Conclusion was, in her words "a picture of health". Unless I had a strict goal or need, I wouldn't do it again. I was lucky as she did it just to show me how it works.
Now, about that fat... ;)


Kek said...

LOL - I reckon all those gadgets are a bit dodgy.

Now, about that height thing.... I'm 160cm, and you're one of the few people I'm actually taller than. So (sadly) I think 158 is prolly about right.

Anyway, we're not short, we're petite.

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

It sounds as though that machine is not very good, I can't imagine that you have any fat on you!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am sooo tired!! I just don't get much time to blog.

Your training schedule sounds fantastic, good luck achieving all your goals!

xox Rebecca