Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lost for Words

Now that's not like me, usually you can't shut me up! It has been a few days since my last post, and I have made an effort, only to get to this point and *blank*. And thanks to Kek's nasty poke I will report in on the RPM class. I didn't die (so that's not why I haven't posted since!!). It was acutually a lot easier than I remember, sooo that means up goes the resistance next time slack-arse! And I have booked in for the same class next week. Unfortunately only one of the 8 classes suit my work schedule. How inconsiderate! I was feeling all hyped up after it (was a morning class), so that afternoon I tested my footsie for a walk on the beach. I was dying to break out into a run, but held back. I didn't realise just how fast I could powerwalk. I'm sure the other walkers thought I was trying to get to Brisbane for tea...

And so right now is Filex and Fitness Expo. All yesterday I was doing the "awww right now Kek and I would be wagging the opening address in favour of Starbucks coffee and a catch-up", "damn, now is when we'd be jumping round on BOSU's with hot guys as our instructors", "and now is when we'd have bought one of every style, in every colour and the LJ stand" and "about now is when we'd be feeling all bloaty and er gassy from too many protein samples!" Maybe that last one I don't miss! ;) But, following Kek's lead, I might just head off to Lorna Jane today and just have a look ;) Because I've saved sooo much money not going - Convention, flights, accommodation, food, etc - I think that justifies spending some $$$ here ;)


Kek said...

You OWE it to yourself to save some money by buying stuff. LOL - that didn't even make sense, but you know what I mean.


I'm missing Filex too. *pouts* I seriously thought about just flying up for the day today to go to the expo, but couldn't find any cheap flights at convenient times.

Yay for easy RPM classes! I guess that means you've built some serious leg strength over the past months. *high fives you*

Lyndsay said...

How did your foot go on the beach?

Yes, definatley go to Lorna Jane, no harm in just 'looking', is there?