Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Poor Legs

My Poor, STRONG, legs. They've had a big week, but they're tough enough to handle the pressure ;).
Monday was leg weight training, which is always torture.
Tuesday afternoon I went to the beach for some soft sand runs in the sand dunes. Well that was stupid. As if sand dune runs aren't hard enough without DOMS coming out to play as well!
This morning was what is now going to be a weekly RPM caning, then this afternoon I did a steady, lots of emphasis on the steady part, 40min run. Or jog. It all hurts.
I've been trying to sleep in my skins after the big sessions to speed up the recovery. They do their job very well with the compression side of things... they compress everyting so much, I'm running to the loo all nite!


Kek said...

Maybe you need compression stockings instead. I have a lovely pair left over from my surgery a couple of years back - I'll lend them to you if you like.

VERY sexy!

linda said...

You're a machine!!

Andj said...

I slept in my skins last night - not sure why because I didn't even need recovery! I'm going to buy another pair - probably 2xu brand - or maybe nike because I have heard they are a bit thicker.

I usually train at the intraining club sessions, they have all sorts of things across the week. I have thought about going to Pat carrol in the past (and I would have really liked to) but the sessions are so early and are in the city - also it is difficult for me to make it to work in time by the time they finish. If you click on the Speedy geese link on my blog - that is the training group I am planning on running with in Canberra.
I love those time predictor calculators too. How would you rate your improvement since starting with your coach - and is the online aspect OK - he gives you a plan for the week and you just follow it along?