Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting Skinned

After my efforts yesterday (and no, I didn't get a nana nap), I thought I deserved to get something worth a lot of money that I usually just wouldn't go and buy - some SKINS!

I got the capri style. I felt like scuba steve in the long ones, plus, being vertically challenged, there was a lot of excess SKIN. ;) LoL! It did take me a half hour to decide what colour. It's a big choice you know, aqua blue stitching or purple stitching!


Kek said...

So what colour DID you get?

No contest for me - I ALWAYS go for aqua, turqoise, jade....

Kristy said...

Hey Selina, I'd love to hear how you find the SKINS, as I am thinking of getting some :)

Also will you were as is or with shorts over top?