Saturday, April 05, 2008

18 in the bag

Was up at 4.45am for the usual long Saturday morning run. 18kms this morning. I was right till about 15kms, whether it was psychological or not - knowing we were close to home, my legs decided to pack up and go home. Except we had to run 3 more kms to get there!
To say my legs are D.E.A.D now is a huge understatement. They were sore already from the sprints on Thursday. Oh and my abs, I never knew my abs could get so sore from sprinting! Add to that my upper body DOMS, oh yes, it's there with a vengeance. I plan on playing lazy buggers for the rest of the day. I sat on the couch for a good 40minutes when I got home from my run (after a shower of course ;) ), only because I could not move - not even to answer the phone. HA!

I'm attempting to put new songs on my i-pod today. Except I can't think of any!! I'm so not in touch with the latest stuff. I looked up the take40 countdown on the net to get some inspiration. Now if only I knew what the songs actually sounded like... ;)


Cherub said...

I was looking for music the other day, the so fresh website ( has a sample of each song on there.

Lyndsay said...

18kms?!?! Good for you - you crazy thang!

itunes is good too, you get a 30sec preview of songs.


Kelly & Kane said...

Hey Selina,
18km! Such a long way. I'm proud with only 4km at the mo. I find American Idol good for inspiration, only coz there are no radio stations to listen to here so I have no idea of whats good (there are OMG I loved that song moments!) I also looked at the top 100 radio play website from the past few years and pick 8-10 I really liked from each year.
Take care,

Kristy said...
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