Friday, April 25, 2008

Almost Famous

Check out the May/June edition of Runner's World mag! "On The Road" Section features none other than my home town!!! The club mentioned is the one I am a member of, the pics are where I run and the runners in the pic are my training partners! How exciting!!! I had to work the morning the pics were taken, or else my mug may have been in there too!!!
Maybe some of the runs mentioned there may tempt you as well Kristy!! ;)
Check it out. Page 84 :)

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Kristy said...

Hey Selina

I was only thinking today that i should buy the latest runners mag (but nowhere was open where it would be stocked :( )

The mag seems to have some great runs. I know the latest one had the best runs around Australia and New Zealand and they looked amazing. Did you hear about the Great Ocean Road run?

I'll pop out tomorrow and pickup a copy :P