Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Bonked!!!!

(please read previous post before you make assumptions!!!)
I had a muscle-glycogen bonk. (Don't I sound smart!) I was looking for the little purple men but luckily they didn't come today. ;) This morning was our road runners 17km run. It was a handicap start, but one of my training partners left about 20seconds after me, so by about 3kms we were together and pushed each other the whole way. We were flying too! (by our standards). I passed the 10km mark in 49mins, 17secs, which smashes my best ever 10km time (see right). And we were pacing for a 17km run, so I've got high hopes for the 10km Club Championship race next weekend. (ok getting off track here). We held together sub 5min kms till the 12km mark. I guess I had a mini bonk at about 13kms, and thanks to the course director, the last 5kms had a few hills to conquer. Just what you want at that point of the race! I held it together to cross the finish line in.........

1hr 27mins and 25 secs

which is faster than my 16km best time, and only 1 and 1/2minutes off my best 15km time!! I love my training program and my coach, have I ever mentioned that! I love peaking and feeling good and strong!!! I still feel like death when I'm done, need to throw up, but that's all the fun of it. ;)

So once we were in, we had a 5-7min oxygen break, GU gel and drink, and we took off again - of our own accord. How stupid. We planned to do a 2hour run today so were happy to keep running until we hit that time. If we were smart, we would have run the 17kms slooower. Anyway, we took of at snail's pace and this is when I totally bonked. Legs and brain did NOT want to co-operate. But still, we went 3kms down the road and turned back. So throw another 6kms onto the total and today I did my furtherest ever mileage in one go. 23kms. Total running time was 2hours, 6mins and something seconds. Needless to say my feet are SORE and I can only move in slow motion. Burnt some serious calories according to HRM - 948 (being anal-ly exact).

I think I've earnt myself a nap this afternoon, if I get all my jobs done... so on that note... :)


RaeC said...

Good grief!! All this "bonking" on the blogs are doing my head in... LOL!! xxx

Kek said...

Bugger the jobs - have a nap anyway!

Andj said...

Hi Selina,

Awesome Job!!! They are great times. I am no where near that fast. Perhaps I need a coach (a running coach). LOL