Monday, April 14, 2008


This is what my coach had to say after yesterday...

"Congrats on doing so well. You have certainly come a long way in such a short period. Keep in tune with your body though and address any niggles in the early stages. When things are going so well it can be easy to get carried away and believe you are indestructible." (But I am, aren't I?!) ;) But, YAY!! Go me ;)

He's right on the mark though with the injury issues - I must be sending subliminal messages as, I haven't mentioned it to him or anyone as it hasn't been much of a deal... but my bloody foot is not behaving. Ever since THAT incident when I wore heels out for a nite for my birthday (see previous post in March... I wish I knew how to link back to it... anyone?!?), my poor lil foot hasn't recovered. I haven't been going overboard with it, as it does start to ache on the long runs, but yesterday was just too much for the poor lil thing to handle. I've been icing and elevating when I can. ie - not much with work. *Fingers crossed* it gets better soon.

Oh and Kek - it was purple all the way for me!! :)

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