Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good start :)

To today. Had a few clients from 5.30am this morning but have had a whole heap of cancellations, so I made the most of my gap between clients and went out for some training. It's getting nice and cool here, so it was really nice running down by the river. However I have bad leg DOMS from yesterday, so my 4min efforts were just that - a huge effort! It's good I do my speed work in secluded areas... I'm sure there'd be many people who would run over to perform CPR if they saw me by the end.

I'm going to get some brand spanking new Asics Kayanos. My feet/ankles/shins are getting sore so I must be due for some new wheels. I tried to order some size 5 and a halves, but they have none left at the suppliers till the new model comes out end of June. Yea - no good, I need them NOW! ;). I'm going to try and order in a 6 (absolutely NONE of the sports stores up here have small sizes!), hopefully I'll have more luck with that. I wear a 6 at the moment, only because I didn't think Asics made 5s. I just double up on the socks :)


Amy said...

You have tiny tiny feet don't you!!! heheheh. If you have any probs let me know because I know a few reps and might be able to get a small size for you and send them over. Just let me know.

As for half marathons-there is one in September. I have been running but not long distances like that. Lately 10km is about how far I have gone. I hope to get training though and do it. How about yourself??

Andj said...

Hi Selina,
I love my skins and I think that the long ones are definitely worth the money. I don't tend to train in my long ones but I just put them on straight after my long run or if I feel particualrly fatigued in the legs. I usually always sleep in them on the night of the day I do my long run.
I have a short pair also that I train in - great for reducing chafing on my long run but I don't find them very helpful for recovery. My short ones aren't the right size for me though and don't really give me much compression benefit. The only reason I don't train in the longs is because it has been too hot recently - but when we move I am sure that I will be running in them when we move to Canberra. A pair purely for recovery is worth it though I think.
As for the shoes - why dont you try phoning the Intraining store in Brisbane and seeing if they will do you a mail order?

linda said...

Good luck with getting your shoes selina. The 'oolala' pink ones are asics cumulus. I've always had kayanos before but changed after the last pair I had left me with sore feet! These ones are for a neutral foot so don't have the same stability control as the kayanos. For my foot they seem really good. HOWEVER- keep my blog in sight. I'm going to post a pikky of my latest kungfoo type shoes! Very weird looking but starting to feel really good!